Journey on a
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Journey on a Yacht in the World of Luxury

Planning your next vacation in Ibiza?
Consider renting a yacht in Ibiza for an unforgettable maritime journey. Our yacht charter services in Ibiza will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea and discover all its wonders.
Renting a private yacht in Ibiza offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in an atmosphere of luxury and privacy. Whether you're planning a romantic weekend or organizing a corporate event, yacht rental in Ibiza is perfect for your needs.
Host an unforgettable private event on a yacht in Ibiza and impress your guests with an exclusive experience. Renting a yacht in Ibiza will provide you with a comfortable and luxurious journey, full of pleasure and excitement. Book your dream yacht now and embark on an exciting journey into the world of luxury and beauty in Ibiza.
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Yacht rental CONDITIONS
The yacht rental conditions in Ibiza are a set of rules and terms that define the process of renting a yacht on the island of Ibiza. These conditions include rules for yacht usage, client requirements, rental duration, cost, payment terms, deposit refund, as well as responsibility for damages and losses during the rental period. It is important to carefully review these conditions before signing the yacht rental agreement.
Yacht rental conditions:

1. Rental cost: The charter fee must be paid in full prior to or upon embarkation. To confirm a reservation, 50% of the total charter is required. We do not accept AMERICAN EXPRESS. Maximum 950 euros in cash. A deposit depending on the type of Yacht may be required upon embarkation as a guarantee against the possible Damages.

2. Charter time: from 10:00 to 21:00.

3. Charter duration: 8 hours from confirmation of departure time. For clients from Formentera, the one-day charter will be 7 hours due to the 1-hour round trip. Overtime is confirmed with the Captain and at an additional cost.

4. Embarkation and disembarkation charter: Base port, unless otherwise agreed. In the case of embarkation and disembarkation in Formentera, there is an additional cost of €100.

5. Information required for the charter: before boarding time, the following documents and information are required:
1) Customer passport photo/PDF or ID + full postal address;
2) Number of people. In the case of children, their age (for life jackets);
3) Time of departure and return. Please note that the duration of the charter will be calculated taking into account the requested departure time;
4) The lunch plan. Picnic on board or restaurant reservation (time and name of reservation).

6. Fuel cost: the cost of petrol is not included in the charter cost. It depends on the route of each charter. In the case of customers from Formentera, the returned fuel will be borne by the customer and a down payment will be required. At the end of the charter day, it will be considered compliant litters consumed and the price of gasoline per day at the Marina Ibiza gas station. The cost of petrol could be paid in cash or by credit card + 1% for bank fees (we do not accept AMERICAN EXPRESS).

7. Captain: The cost of the captain is included in the charter price. Tips or overtime must be paid in cash directly to the captain. The captain supervises the boat and advises the client on the route and the one-day charter. The captain is not a babysitter or a waiter. If you need this service, you need to hire one stewardess service (€200/day). The captain is not a charter ad either, for that you need to talk to your booking manager.

8. Cancellation policy: In the unlikely event that CHARTER has to cancel the chartered boat, the following refunds of the charter price will be paid by the OPERATOR.
- Full refunds: Full day charter canceled at least one month prior to the canceled charter.
- 50% refund: full day charter canceled at least 15 days before the canceled charter.
- 25% refund: full day charter canceled at least 10 days before the canceled charter.
- No refund: full day charter canceled less than 5 days before the canceled charter.
If the weather conditions do not allow the charter to take place on the reserved date, as a first option, CHARTER and The OPERATOR will reschedule the charter day to another date that is feasible for the customer and when the vessel is available. The only person who decides whether you can get out or not is the captain of the boat. If this is not possible, the OPERATOR will reimburse the charter cost of that day. This will be applied by wind gusts of 25 knots and above and/or rain at time of departure.
Unique Experience: Renting a yacht in Ibiza offers the opportunity to enjoy an unparalleled maritime experience, exploring the beautiful waters and landscapes of this amazing island.

1. Freedom and Comfort: On a chartered yacht, you'll have complete freedom to explore the sea at your own pace and enjoy solitude and comfort on board.
2. Luxurious Services: Ibiza offers luxurious yacht rental services, providing high-quality amenities and a variety of yacht rental options to meet the needs of every client.
3. Unique Views: Ibiza is renowned for its stunning maritime and natural landscapes, which can only be fully appreciated from the deck of a yacht, making yacht rental the ideal way to enjoy the island's beauty.
4. Exclusive Retreat: Renting a yacht in Ibiza offers the opportunity for an exclusive and luxurious retreat, away from the crowds of tourists and noise.
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